Activity Checklist


ACTIVITY: _________________________________________________________

DATE(S):  ____________Responsible Scout(s)_________________________


Tour Permits                    ___  Licenses (boat, fish, etc) ___
Parents Permissions / Info      ___  Fees (camping, etc.)       ___
Reservations Required / Made	___  Personal Health Histories	___

Leadership (two adults minimum)

First Leader ______________________  Second Leader_________________
Others: ___________________________________________________________  


Trailer Req'd   ____Yes        ___No
Driver #1 __________________________________  No. Passengers ______
Driver #2 __________________________________  No. Passengers ______
Driver #3 __________________________________  No. Passengers ______
Adequate Space Equipment (w/ or w/o trailer):   ___  Yes    ___  No
Trailer Hauled By:_________________________________________________

Locations Issues

Departure Location:________________ Date:   _____      Time:  _____
Return Locations:  ________________ Date:   _____      Time:  _____
Maps Needed:       ____Yes ___No    Map Copies to all Drivers:_____
Driving Time:      _______ (hrs)    Food Stop Req'd: ____Yes  ____No	


Special Personal Equipment __________________________________________
Special Troop Equipment    _______________  Working Order? ___Y  ___N
Troops First Aid Kit Required: ___Yes  ___ No Responsible:___________
Equipment needed:  __________________________________________________
(e.g. Hammers, Hatchets, Shovels, Kitchens,  etc. � especially if 
trailer will not be used)


Patrol Rosters Assigned?  ___ Yes   ___ No     Menus Plan'd?___ Y___ N
Food Purchases Assigned:  ___ Yes   ___ No     Drinking H20?___ Y ___N
Associated Event Costs:   Troop____   Scout_____   Fuel  ___Yes  ___No  	
Garbage Disposal? _________________   Human Waste? ___________________	


Nearest Medical Facility: ____________________________________________
Emergency Numbers: ___________________________________________________
Parent Phone Numbers: ___Yes  ___ No
First Aid Provider in the group?______________________________________

RSS Value of Scouting

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