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Help at Louisville Zoo

Wildlife – Plant food, provide cover, and build nesting devices for wildlife. Bird Counts –


Toy Drive/Collecting Toys – New and used toys are collected during the holiday season for distribution to needy children. Units can assist in this effort by making posters to advertise the campaign, helping to stockpile toys, cleaning and repairing used items, and delivering toys to agencies that distribute them in an appropriate manner. Book Collecting Drive – New and used books are collected for distribution to needy children. Units can assist in this effort by making posters to advertise the campaign, helping to stockpile books, and delivering books to agencies that distribute them in an appropriate manner. Children's Home Party or Outing – Many organizations give parties at children's homes during the holiday seasons, but often the children in such institutions are ignored the rest of the year. Plan and conduct parties or plan an outing for these children at other times of the year. A monthly birthday party with all children whose birthdays occur during the month is another idea. Include a member of the home's staff on your planning committee. Entertainment may, at times, be provided by both the unit members and the children in the home. Study Center and Tutoring Program – A scout/unit can set up a community study center for children who need a place to do homework. This service can meet a real need in preventing illiteracy. English classes for adults might also take place here. The study center may be operated in partnership with another agency and utilize Venturers, college students, hight school students, or volunteer adults as tutors. Pushcart Playground – This consists of an enclosed pushcart, trailer, or other easily movable container that carries sports equipment, crafts, games, flags, and other program supplies from block to block throughout the summer. The pushcart spends a day on each block by arrangement with neighborhood residents and block groups. Whatever open space is available may be used. This activity can best be done jointly by a Scout unit and a community center or other agency. Tutor – Tutor younger children Day Camp – Hold a day camp for underprivileged youth; provide activities and lunch Create a big-brother program Painting Service – Offer painting services to a local youth organization. Fair or Carnival – Develop a neighborhood fair or carnival for younger children.


Plant Shade Trees – Municipal shade tree commission or civic beautification group may be able to use Scouting help in planting shade trees on curb lawns and in parks. Care for seedlings for the first year. Adopt a stream, woodland, pond, park, or highway – A survey can be made to determine how the stream, pond, park, or woodland may be improved through proper planning and subsequent conservation practices. Plan a big cleanup day. Improve the area's appearance by removing trash, repairing or marking health hazards, and adding activity interests. Participate in conservation work – Trail repair, streambed enhancement, meadow restoration, erosion control, etc. Trails – Build trails and/or trail runoff terraces. Clean State Campgrounds – Clean a section of the campgrounds, build a supply of firewood, and keep the sites clean. Clean Water Campaign – Conduct a clean waters campaign to prevent water pollution. Plant Trees in an Open Field Recycling – Promote community recycling program or assist in recycling


Aiding Shut-Ins – Many elderly or disabled people live alone and might have difficulty dealing with some day-to-day tasks. A scout or unit can "adopt" one or more of these people and visit them regularly to run errands, read to them, help them write letters, take them shopping, excercise/feed their pet (s), or simply visit. Visiting Nursing Homes – Residents of nursing homes are community members who might be very appreciative of the services that Scouts/units can provide. A scout/unit might conduct a one-time project for a nursing home, or adopt the facility as an ongoing part of its service effort. Some ideas: read to them, perform skits and/or songs, help them write letters, or visit with them. Soup kitchen Painting Service – Offer painting services to a local nursing home. Homeless shelter


Snow Shoveling – Keep fire hydrants clear of drifts. Clear snow from the sidewalks and house steps of senior citizens and shut-ins. Lost-Person Searches and Backcountry Rescues – Some troops and Venturing crews have become experts at finding lost people and participating in backcountry rescues. Excellent training is a must and should be undertaken with the cooperation of local search-and-rescue authorities. Conducting Clothing Drives – Collect used clothing in good condition for distribution to those who need it. Collection, repair, and distribution of furniture and household items might also be done. Pruning Community Trees – Trees in some communities are damaged by disaster or severe weather conditions. Disaster Relief Work/Cleanup


Conduct Substance Abuse Workshops – Use BSA "Drugs: a Deadly Game" resources Bicycle Safety Education – Plan a campaign to teach children and parents about bicycle safety practices. Set up bike checking stations and xlaining ordinances related to bikes. Provide reflective tape for all bikes in the communicty. Organize a bike circus or rodeo skills contest for younger boys and girls. Fingerprint Registration – Set up a fingerprint registration for youth in your area in cooperation with the local police force Gang Prevention – Conduct gang prevention workshops. Gun Awareness/Safety – Conduct gun awareness/safety workshops. Crime Prevention – Develop crime prevention projects Safety Hazard Inspection – Conduct a neighborhood safety hazard inspection. Community Service and Emergency Phone Number Directory – Develop a community service and emergency phone number directory and distribute it to community residents. First Aid Guides – Develop and distribute home first air guides.

Begin a Neighborhood Watch Program

Fire Safety – Distribute door-to-door fire safety literature in the Fire Marshall's targeted areas. Fire Safety – Conduct a community outreach fire protection workshop in your neighborhood, school, or pack in cooporation with the Fire Marshall. Health Camp – Conduct an in-town "health camp" in collaboration with the local public health center/department. Home Safety – Develop, print, and distribute a home safety checklist. Emergency Phone Directory – Develop a community service and emergency phone number directory and distribute it to community residents. Safe Driving – Run a safe driving rally HIV/AIDS Prevention and Awareness – Conduct HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness workshops.


Living Heroes Historical Trail – Develop a map for other units with a route which includes museums, libraries, industry, historical points of interest, community services, and the names and addresses of real people. Recruit "living heroes," including people from a variety of minority groups, to talk for five to ten minutes with groups of Scouts when they stop along the "trail." Living heroes might be people who have become successful in their occupations, have become educated in spite of major obstacles, or are making some kind of contribution to their neighborhoods. Restoring Historical Sites – Places of historical significance sometimes fall into disrepair and are gradually forgotten. Reconstructed historical sites and refurbished monuments, on the other hand, are often sources of community pride. Yourth can research a site to find out all they can about it and then ask to assist in the restoration effort. Actual restoration work must be done under the supervision of qualified local authorities. Fixing Up Cemeteries – Small cemeteries often suffer from neglect. With the assistance of those incharge, Scouts can return a cemetery to a respectable condition-cleaning and staightening grave markers, cutting grass, removing weeks, planting flowers and shrubs, and identifying unmarked graves. Honor our Service Men and Women – Place flowers/flags on graves on Memorial Day


Fire Hydrant Painting – Paint fire hydrants in your neighborhood with permission. Fix Up a Local Playground Cleanup Graffiti Rodent Control – Organize a community rodent control program.


Encourage Voter Registration and Participation – A natural follow-up to a voter registration campaign is a nonpartisan effort to get every elegible voter to a polling site. This calls for an educational and promotional push to remind citizens of their right and duty to vote. Before an election, youth members might distribute materials encouraging voter participation. On election day, they could be stationed outside polling sites to babysit young children, assist elderly or disabled people, and hand out "I have voted" badges to voters as they are leaving. Food Drives – Carry out a Scouting for Food collection for community food banks. Coat drives Build a home – Help with building process Help at library Christmas tree donation Community Events – Help usher, park cars, provide color guard, or assist in other ways at fairs, festivals, concerts, games, and other community events. Highway Clean Up Scout exhibits in museum/libraries Clean up litter in a vacant lot Assist in building a flowerbed at a park Volunteer service at a hospital Assist in or Begin a Community-Wide Improvement Day Help with Religious Services Places to Go – Develop and distribute a "places to go" list for families in the community. Video – Create a video history of the community: people, places, and things.

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